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Summer Open Studios: Drawing and Creative Writing

Instructor: Daniela Rossell

This hybrid online studio class invites you to experience the power of images and the written word in concert. We look into the visual dimensions of language, make up semiotic games and in general experiment with inventive tensions between text and image. What does it mean to draw with the eyes of a writer? Or to write like an artist? We see that our writing can be both an object and a portal that leads to other methods of creative investigation, other artworks, disciplines, selves, and universes. Here are key tools for problem solving and growing our imagination. And as we play with poem-pictures and word-works and images of writing—as we interrogate their cross-pollinations and possibilities—our aim is also to repair our ability to pay sustained attention. So we work to expand our awareness, tune to the surroundings, be where we are, challenge stereotypes, allow ideas to flow, and come into direct contact with surprising art. We look at art history as artists. 

Gabe Thomas Dinette

Mark Dwayne York

Kao Hmong Lee; see an accompanying video work.

Connor Yankowitz