404: Space Not Found

Stanford Department of Art & Art History presents 404: Space Not Found, the spring 2021 Undergraduate Honors Thesis Exhibition

The culmination of the yearlong honors thesis program in art practice, this group exhibition showcases works by:

Benny Siam
Lorena Diosdado
Sarah Ondak
Jamie Seney
Noah DeWald
Nan Munger

Curated by Xiaoze Xie

The 2021 Honors Exhibition brings together the culminating projects by an extraordinary group of six young artists working in a diverse range of concepts and mediums. It is an especially meaningful exhibition this year as students developed ambitious themes and pushed towards formal and technical refinement, within the limitations of resources and online teaching during the pandemic. In the spring, most students were able to resume the level of production in the studios on campus with the unwavering support of faculty and staff. The exhibition celebrates the commitment, persistence, and creativity of the cohort at a moment when we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

—Xiaoze Xie