Madeleine Yip

I am a figurative artist specializing in painting in oil and watercolor mediums. My focus as an artist is to examine the hyphen spanning the distance between both sides of the Asian-American identity. While my body will always be considered “other” in the United States, my American upbringing alienates me from my family’s cultural home in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, Asian-Americans are ABCs or bananas (yellow on the outside, white on the inside); in the U.S., Asian-Americans are outsiders (and at worst, the virus). My series, Butcher Shop, explores what it means to look from the outside in and what it means for the body and cultural identity to be visually measured, dissected, sized up and sanitized for commercial consumption. The original butcher shop depicted is just a few blocks away from my great grandmother’s apartment in the heart of Tsim Tsa Tsui district. Since my mother’s childhood, the butcher’s shop front has always been a ubiquitous sight on the bustling streets of Hong Kong. Within this setting, the series invites the viewer to contemplate their position on both sides of the glass: as the viewer imposing their gaze and the observed at the mercy of the viewer.

Go Back to China Madeleine Yip

Go Back to China, 2018. Oil paint. 18 x 24 in.

Hope You Don't Have a Bad Day Madeleine Yip

Hope You Don’t Have a Bad Day, 2020. Shopping bag, paper cut. 18x24in (approx dimensions).

Eliminate Temptation Madeleine Yip

Eliminate Temptation, 2020. Meat, Glass. 18 x 24 in (approx dimensions).

Kung Flu Madeleine Yip 4

Kung Flu, 2021. Paper Takeout Box, Spray Paint, Porcelain. 18 x 24 in (approx dimensions).

Kung Flu Madeleine Yip 5

Madeleine Yip is a Bay Area based artist, who works on figurative drawings and paintings with oil and watercolor paint. Her figurative work centers around the Asian-Americana experience and her diasporic connection to Hong Kong. Madeleine studies Art Practice for her B.A. degree and Computer Science for her M.S. degree at Stanford. Her day-to-day work focuses on Computer Graphics and Machine Learning, while her art reflects her connection to her creative side. Madeleine’s oil painting Self-Portrait is currently on display at the Stanford Hume Center.


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