Mad Pilchard

Pilchard’s work plays with self, personal narrative, and memory,- it’s content and the legibility of said content. The 3 year project examines the mental state of the artist as they engaged critically with their own memory and work in a therapeutic setting while pushing the boundaries of what their shattered mind  was capable of. The book begins where they began- everything muddled, with minimal legibility of memory in a rusty red state of being. As the book progresses page by page, the color changes begin to represent different states of healing and integration of the self. As the work moves through their life more sense can be made out of the images and words. The penultimate page holds space for integration of old splinters of memory with the purpose of moving forward in acceptance. In leaving the book without a binding final page they leave open the possibility of a future they can actively shape- the work stands as a representation of the self, an amalgamation of memories, experiences, and relationships that one actively has to shape to break the cycles of abuse and addiction that plague the past.

Accordion Art Book. 3 panels, plywood, and duct tape; oil paint, mixed media, acrylic paint, and collage on plywood.

Virtual installation view.

Mad Pilchard (b. 1996 in Salisbury, Md) is an interdisciplinary artist finishing up their B.A. in Art Practice at Stanford University. They primarily work in painting, photography, and collage with a focus on the intersections of artistic exploration and therapeutic practices. Their work focuses on processing of memories and their identity as a queer, neurodivergent, disabled individual. During their time in the Art Department at Stanford, they were able to find their voice as an artist given the opportunity to learn diverse studio classes in book-making, painting, photography, sculpture, and many other artistic practices. In the future, they hope to develop a practice as an art therapist with a MAAT.


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