Brett Amory

Brett Amory’s multidisciplinary practice is based on the intersection of quotidian and habitual engagements with the everyday world. 

His works consider moments of visual perception that precede interpretation. He uses the ordinary as a vehicle for extending the familiar into the realms of the unfamiliar.

Amory has lived and worked in the San Francisco area since 1996. He received a MFA from Stanford University in 2020 and BFA from the Academy of Arts in San Francisco in 2005. Amory’s work has been shown both nationally and internationally,including exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery, London; the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh; the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Indiana; and the Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco. He was also an artist in residence at de Young Museum, San Francisco (2017). • @brettamory

Brett Amory’s works begin with attention to everyday events. The sound of water dripping from a house plant galvanized him to construct an elaborate, immersive, and disorientating installation. With a nod to Baudrillard’s hyperreality, Amory leads the viewer through psychological discomfort while simultaneously offering endless gems to discover. He guides us to see the mundane as unbounded in possibility.

Terry Berlier, Associate Professor, Art Practice